Robert Kennedy Jr. on Vaccinations

Robert Kennedy Jr w Tucker Carlson

Robert Kennedy Jr was on Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News) on 20 April, 2017 talking about some issues with vaccines. He said one problematic ingredient was the presence of mercury, which is the most potent, non-radioactive neurotoxin known to man.

To demonstrate this point, Kennedy said that if the vaccine vile was broken, it would have to be removed as hazardous waste. And it was being injected into babies!

While mercury has been removed from US flu vaccines, it remains in vaccines administered all over the world.

One very credible Danish research study found that babies who had received the most widely vaccinated DPT (diphtheria, pertussis & tetanus) vaccine were ten times as likely to die within the next 2 months.

Kennedy went on to say that the pharmaceutical companies had government sanctioned legal immunity from lawsuits. He also went on to say that Big Pharma spent a lot of money in Washington and the media. He said they gave $5.4bn to the media per year and believed that these negative reports were not covered by the mainstream media. He said that Tucker Carlson’s show was only the second media opportunity he had in 10 years to discuss problems with vaccines. The other show was with Bill Maher on HBO that doesn’t take advertising.

(BTW and FYI, Robert Kennedy Jr has a rare condition that effects his voice, so he is a little difficult to listen to initially. Kennedy’s condition is called spasmodic dysphonia, a specific form of an involuntary movement disorder that affects only the voice box. Great to hear what he has to say though.)


Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Allegations

Bill O'Reilly.jpg

So now it is alleged that Bill O’Reilly has been sexually harassing women. While sexual harassment is not on, I wonder at the amount of times famous and wealthy men are accused of this. Exactly what is the sexual harassment that O’Reilly is being accused of? The term conjures up perverted actions and touching in an overtly sexual way. Let’s look at some of the accusations of Bill O’Reilly;

Documents detail complaints about verbal abuse, unwanted advances, offensive comments and phone calls from the anchor that sounded as if O’Reilly was masturbating.

Let’s look at some of these.

Yesterday, an African American receptionist alleged she was harassed by O’Reilly claiming he used to leer at her and call her “hot chocolate”.

Hot chocolate, eh? Terrible. Maybe just an off-colour compliment. Is this really so bad? So you sue for millions of dollars? Whatever happened to going to a senior and complaining and having some reconciliation? Could it have been possible to go to a manager and complain, saying that you found it offensive? O’Reilly could be brought in, informed, and asked not to do it again. Did any of this happen?

Lawyer Lisa Bloom helped the woman report her alleged harassment, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “He would never talk to her, not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar”.

Adding: “He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”

Never talk to her except to call her, “Hot chocolate?” But leered at her? When no-one was around. Could it have been a corny smile? A silly male grunt? How exactly did this grunt go? Wild boars can make quite a noise. Sure it wasn’t a squeal like a domestic pig? Definitely a wild boar? Sounds overly dramatic to me like a mountain could be being made out of a molehill. Not sure.

Bloom is also representing radio host Wendy Walsh, who alleges she was forced off the show after she refused an invite to O’Reilly’s hotel room in 2013.

So the same lawyer is acting for another woman who was forced off the show for not accepting an invite to his hotel room. Good that she declined the invite if she didn’t want what sounds like a date. Does that constitute sexual harassment? I don’t think that it does.

Is it unfair dismissal if it could be found to be that she truly was dismissed simply for refusing his invite. Yes, but probably a bit hard to prove too, I’m sorry. But worthy of a sexual harassment charge? I don’t think so.

Here’s a nice slipper of an irrelevant comparison;

O’Reilly’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz, who has also worked for Donald Trump for years, has since condemned the allegations in a statement.

 Of course, we all know what Trump said, so the inference is that O’Reilly really did say something outrageous worthy of sexual harassment.
And here is a response from O’Reilly’s lawyer;
“It is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened almost a decade ago is being treated as fact, especially where there is obviously an orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr O’Reilly and enrich themselves through publicity driven donations,” it read.

This sound like a very fair call and an unfair allegation by those alleging harassment.

The phone calls that sounded like O’Reilly was masturbating? Well, we just don’t have any evidence and this is what really is wrong; if you don’t have the evidence, it is very wrong to accuse someone of sexual harassment as the accusation will stick even if innocent. (There were no other details of these telephone calls in this particular article and I haven’t researched further – Ed)

Australia Day date change won’t end abuse of Aboriginal people

Jacinta Price, Alice Springs Councillor posts this article to Facebook.

Image result for Jacinta Price

Bess Price (2nd R) and daughter , Jacinta Price (R) at Jacinta’s swearing in as Alice Springs councillor

I keep hearing that Aboriginal people want to change the date of Australia Day. Well, what about the Aboriginal people who do not want to change the date? Do we not count because our opinions differ? And why aren’t these people who protest about changing the date as concerned about the Aboriginal people affected by domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse? Why aren’t the marches for murdered Aboriginal women as big as the marches on Australia Day?

Yes, let’s learn about our history, but how is changing the date going to do a thing for the Aboriginal women dying at the hands of Aboriginal men, the Aboriginal children who miss out on school, and the Aboriginal children who are living in dysfunctional circumstances? I can bet you London to a brick they are not concerned with a date change. It is the Aboriginal middle class who are concerned about date changes and those pushing the agenda come from privilege in comparison to the Aboriginal people who are the country’s most marginalised. But let’s all make a huge deal out of this, an even bigger deal out of this than actually saving the lives of Aboriginal people who are living among us now.

I’m pretty sure if we are pressured enough to change the date then there will be something else for the Aboriginal middle-class activists and guilt-ridden whitefellas to be offended about. After all, has saying “sorry” stopped domestic violence and dysfunction? Has saying “sorry” saved an Aboriginal life? I know it did absolutely nothing for me, but most token symbolism does very little for me because in my opinion only hard work, responsibility and real ­action can make real change.

The future is far more important to me than our past. Our ­future is where we should be focused so that the most marginalised Aboriginal people of this country, whose first language is usually not English, who do not have access to media, whose lives are affected at alarming rates of family violence, can have the same opportunities as those who claim to feel pain because a country celebrates how lucky we are on a date that marks the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove.

People want to call it a day of mourning. Well, we Aboriginal people have become professional mourners. We are constantly in a state of mourning it seems. So why do we want to stay in such a state? What do we have to benefit from being in a constant state of mourning? Mourning does not give us freedom: it imprisons us, and I have had enough. I bury my family far too regularly and that is all the mourning I can handle.

I want everyone in this country to have opportunity. I want to pull my people out of the crippling state of mourning and I don’t want anyone to feel guilty or bad for feeling joy and celebrating a country we love. The future is ours to make the best of and this will be done only if we do it together.



Coal Is The New Black

Coal in hands

Coal is the new black with new-technology power stations

(Linked article and quotes by Graham Lloyd, Environmental Editor with The Australian.)

The new-generation, high-efficiency coal plants produce half the carbon dioxide emissions of existing ones, making them comparable with gas.

With South Australia losing energy security, or reliability, and with the most expensive electricity in the world, little wonder that South Australia has the highest unemployment rate in mainland Australia and manufacturing is deserting SA in droves – by the car load, shall we say!

What SA needs is the cheapest, most reliable electricity to try and dig us out of this pathetic experimental hole the SA Labor government has dug us in to. Not the world’s most expensive battery – further costly experimentation. That is the last thing we need.

Why not nuclear? We have the most amount of uranium ore (yellowcake) in outback SA, if we developed nuclear power, we could become the power house of energy in Australia, supplying NSW & Victoria with good priced, reliable power.

We could get the nuclear technology from England and the US or even France or Japan. We have stable geography and a backyard full of raw materials. Regarding waste disposal, where better to put it than way underground from where it came? If we chose also to provide a depository for waste nuclear materials, we could have a cradle to the grave nuclear industry that would put SA in boomtown for 100 years. That is worth considering seeing as SA is currently the laughing stock of the nation when it comes to energy security.

Baldwin: how my Left is killing civilisation

Herald Sun, September 18, 2016 8:48am

Peter Baldwin was a Left-wing Labor minister. But now the Left has changed into a neo-fascist force that promotes racism, anti-Semitism and a violent intolerance of debate. Baldwin unleashes.

In a nutshell, there has been a comprehensive rejection by progressive academe of the intellectual inheritance from the Enlightenment, the “revolution of the mind” that transformed Europe and North America in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Enlightenment stressed argumentative rationality and the scientific method. It ­favoured open debate of contentious issues, including the ability to freely critique religious doctrines. It is a universalist vision in which people are seen as members of a common humanity, each pos­sessing rationality and agency, and not just creatures of the particular cultural or religious milieu into which they are born…

Today the “Enlightenment project”, as they now style it, is typically disparaged by intellectuals of a progressive bent. The ideal of human universality is discarded in favour of the politics of culture and identity; the value of reasoned ­debate questioned as argument is seen as just a mask for the exercise of power; the quest for objective truth is replaced by an emphasis on narratives and stories; and the right to strongly critique religion abrogated, albeit selectively…

Welcome to the leftist Counter-Enlightenment. In Britain and the US some critics have coined the term “regressive leftism” for this movement. There are two aspects to the regressive Left ideology. The substantive content of the ideology is identity politics, the view that people should be seen in their essence not as members of a common humanity but as bound to a particular identity group…

Note that when members of a particular identity group demand respect for “oneself as different” they are not talking about respecting each person’s individuality and agency. On the contrary, they insist that people accept being defined by their identity and that they stick to the accepted script, the particular narrative of victimhood, that pertains to their group.

Members of each victim group are urged to claim ownership of — indeed, to be extremely proprietorial about — all aspects of their culture, including ephemera such as clothing and cuisine. We must all stick to our own cultural reservation. To violate this tenet is to commit the high crime of “cultural appropriation”…

And woe betide anyone who breaches this cardinal rule, as dissenters from within Islamic culture such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali have found…

They will be pilloried in progressive media and will face attempts to bar them from speaking on campuses and elsewhere, as when Hirsi Ali was barred from speaking recently at Brandeis University in the US at the behest of a coalition of “progressive” student groups. Then there are the death threats from Islamist extremists intent on punishing the crime of apostasy. The Council of Ex-Muslims on Britain released a report this year detailing how extremist preachers have been given free rein to speak on British campuses while its own leader, Maryam Namazie, a leftist from an Iranian background, has been subjected to sustained efforts — including death threats — to stop her speaking.

These activities consistently have been backed by campus student organisations including, incredibly, feminist and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups.

The de facto alliance that has developed between the Left and militant Islam, the most reactionary force in the world today, is the strangest and most disconcerting political development in my lifetime. If identity politics is the substantive part of this mutant ideology, the compliance and enforcement arm is the system of thought control we nowadays term political correctness.

According to the PC mindset, someone who openly or even privately challenges core tenets of identity politics is not just wrong but morally depraved. Such a person is not to be engaged with argumentatively, but must be vilified, censored and, where possible, pursued legally using instruments such as the iniquitous section 18C of our Racial Discrimination Act and equivalents in other countries…

Regressive Left activists often claim to be fighting against “fascism” or “the extreme Right”. Ironically, they are the ones who, time and again, resort to classic 1930s fascist tactics such as wrecking the meetings of their opponents and in some cases harassing or attacking attendees.

Please read the whole thing. A neo-fascism is on the rise, and if it is not defeated it will destroy us. It will destroy reason, free speech and civilisation itself.

Russia & China fill the vacuum the US has left in Asia Pacific and the Middle East

“Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak’s arrival in Beijing, hard on the heels of Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte, reflects swiftly changing strategic loyalties in our region that should be an urgent wake-up call for Washington. Both visits have left little doubt about China’s determination to take advantage of the leadership vacuum arising from the Obama administration’s failure to give real effect to its “pivot” to Asia and the deep uncertainty surrounding US policy after next week’s election.”

“Beijing is seeking to fill the vacuum left by the US at the same time Vladimir Putin is asserting himself in the Middle East. There, years of compounded US policy failures have virtually left the field to the former KGB colonel.

“As The Washington Post recounted, Mr Obama’s “self-defeating passivity” was evident at a recent US National Security Council meeting. Presented with a range of options for dealing with the Aleppo catastrophe, he “decided not to decide” to do anything. Such feebleness is costly. Whoever wins the White House must end the malaise.”

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Vulnerable Children Exposed To Radical and Dangerous Social Experimentation Via Perverted Sexualised Curriculum

This is outrageous that our innocent children are exposed to such radical and perverted teaching on sexual identity. This whole notion that sexual identity is fluid as proposed and championed by Roz Ward is despicable. There needs to be a public discussion about this kind of social experimentation and engineering so parents can understand the twisted nature of what confused people want to expose to our children.
I’m sure that most parents would be appalled and opposed to this kind of teaching and so they should be. It is unnatural and twisted; perverted is the correct term. This woman, Ms Ward should be put on a sex offenders list for getting her perverted ideas brought into our schools and exposing innocent children to such sexually perverted nonsense.
For goodness sake, parents and sensible politicians need to arc up and rid our children and schools of this perverted nonsense. Where has commonsense with the protection of children’s minds gone?

Basic Economics should be taught at school

A great article suggesting that school children ought to be more economically literate. Of course they should. How can Australians, the voting public, understand good policy or what is fair if we don’t understand that businesses create jobs, that increasing taxes decreases the economy and that free trade with our neighbors in South East Asia is beneficial.
Politicians are always talking about fairness yet how can Australians fairly determine what is fair without an understanding of economics?
The problem I see is that the socialistic left has achieved the "long march through the institutions" and that any economic teachings at our schools will not be fair as it invariably will be co-opted by the socialists and used as a point of indoctrination on socialist ideas and not free market ideas of a liberal democracy.

Give us a non-activist leader

As usual, Janet Albrechtsen gets it said for intelligent and reasonable comment on Gillian Triggs activist approach to leading the Australian Humans Rights Commission.

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The Real Estate Conundrum for the RBA

An interesting article here by Alan Kohler. So rent is not increasing by much due to increased supply of rental properties while at the same time there is much growth in real estate prices. Low rental growth feeds into the CPI keeping downward pressure on interest rates in an attempt to lift CPI. Yet booming house prices due to low interest rate environment gives cause for a rate rise! What to do?
Firstly, I might dare suggest, it could be time to fix your home loan rates. (Disclosure; I am a mortgage broker. This is not personal advice.)
Secondly, in speaking with bank business managers and from observation, I’m not convinced that allowing foreigners to buy our property is helping Australian housing affordability. While individual examples may not reflect the broader case, even this article telling illustrates that a couple from Hong Kong bought the apartment in Kew, Vic. We hear regularly of Chinese home buyers snapping up homes at prices Aussies couldn’t afford. With some 200Mn Chinese in their Coastal Economic Zone growing in personal wealth with significant numbers already cashed up and wanting a slice of the Australian Real Estate market, their are still 1.1Bn Chinese yet to become a part of the the Chinese Economic Miracle. We need to understand that there can be no end to Chinese demand for our property. It would be possible and economically feasible for every single Australian property to be owned by the Chinese and still their insatiable appetite not be satisfied.
Without being racist or Sino-phobic, I think it’s time to re-examine our foreign investment rules when it comes to the purchase of residential Real Estate. Business investment and development should be OK but for the sake of housing affordability for Australian nationals, I believe it may be prudent to limit home ownership to Australian nationals.