About Right Wing Conservative

Right Wing Conservative is a blog about politics from a Right Wing economic perspective and a Conservative social perspective.

From a Right Wing perspective, I believe that smaller government, less laws and bureaucracy and lower taxes provide a more optimal capacity for economic productivity and growth. This will provide more jobs, higher prosperity and greater opportunities for all. This is a better and fairer outcome than a Left Wing opposing agenda.

From a Conservative perspective, I believe it is better to retain and maintain existing accepted social norms like marriage between male and female, gender role models and obvious truths found in the Judeo-Christian success of all Western developed nations. This conservative perspective opposes progressivism that let’s go of age-old accepted standards of truth and is set adrift without moral boundaries nor compass and leads to inevitable moral and societal decay.

On this blog, people are invited to be reasonable in their discussions and provide rational arguments for the positions they hold. Unsupported views and personal attacks are not good arguments and are defeated by a well-reasoned and rational argument.

Please feel free to participate and comment on blog topics.