Dr Carland says you can have Islamic Feminism

Dr Susan Carland believes that you can have Islamic feminism. In a western country like Australia, maybe!

Dr Carland, … said feminism existed within Islam and defended sharia law as a tool for fighting persecution of women in countries such as Pakistan, where women who are raped can be punished for “adultery”.

“You can have secular feminism, you can have Islamic feminism, you can have all different types of feminism,” she said.

And you can have Islamic Domestic Violence against women, male Islamic ownership of women, Islamic subjugation of women, Islamic second class women, fewer rights of women, lower inheritance by women, intercourse with pre-pubescent girls, fewer divorce rights, frowned upon leadership by women, deemed lacking faith and intelligence, and can be raped if held captive.

You can have all different types of female discrimination.

Dr Carland and her husband are the most dangerous public intellectuals in Australia. They present a beautiful picture of an Islamic couple and make smooth and deceitful arguments for Islam. Because of their high profile and platform to voice their apologia for Islam, too many progressives and young impressionable people will drink their kool-aid. And we all know where that ends. It will be a long slow death of Australian culture with a slow, migratory take-over of this country by a barbaric ideology that will destroy Australia as we know it if we let it. Western Europe is in the early stages of decline. The writing is on the wall.

Harsh words but don’t be a frog boiled in water. We all need to take a cold shower of rationality and get out of the pot.


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