Dr Carland says you can have Islamic Feminism

Dr Susan Carland believes that you can have Islamic feminism. In a western country like Australia, maybe!

Dr Carland, … said feminism existed within Islam and defended sharia law as a tool for fighting persecution of women in countries such as Pakistan, where women who are raped can be punished for “adultery”.

“You can have secular feminism, you can have Islamic feminism, you can have all different types of feminism,” she said.

And you can have Islamic Domestic Violence against women, male Islamic ownership of women, Islamic subjugation of women, Islamic second class women, fewer rights of women, lower inheritance by women, intercourse with pre-pubescent girls, fewer divorce rights, frowned upon leadership by women, deemed lacking faith and intelligence, and can be raped if held captive.

You can have all different types of female discrimination.

Dr Carland and her husband are the most dangerous public intellectuals in Australia. They present a beautiful picture of an Islamic couple and make smooth and deceitful arguments for Islam. Because of their high profile and platform to voice their apologia for Islam, too many progressives and young impressionable people will drink their kool-aid. And we all know where that ends. It will be a long slow death of Australian culture with a slow, migratory take-over of this country by a barbaric ideology that will destroy Australia as we know it if we let it. Western Europe is in the early stages of decline. The writing is on the wall.

Harsh words but don’t be a frog boiled in water. We all need to take a cold shower of rationality and get out of the pot.


Is Obama pro Shi’ite and pro Iranian

Arab TV Commentators Claim Obama Supports Iran Because His Father Was a Shiite.

Commentators on two different Arabic television programs claimed that President Barack Obama is pushing a nuclear deal with Iran because his father, Barack Obama Sr.,  was a Shiite Muslim, and President Obama apparently wants the Shia-run government of Iran to be victorious in the region.

This all makes sense now. Obama’s father was a Shi’ite Muslim and so Obama is either a Shi’ite Muslim or has Shi’ite Muslim sympathies. This is why he made the ridiculous Iranian deal for them to develop weapon’s grade material and gave them hundreds of millions of dollars and allows them access to supposed frozen funds. With these funds, Iran is the largest funder of terrorism on the planet.

Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran that will eventually let them become a nuclear power and it’s putting billions of dollars back into a country that’s the world’s largest supporter of terrorism. We are actually giving them the money to fund the terrorists that are killing us and our allies.

says Rudi Giuliani.

Shorten blocks Mother’s Day ban

Bill Shorten has managed to reverse a decision by Moonee Ponds West Primary School principal to cancel Mother’s Day in favour of some UN PC rubbish day.

Instead, principal Jeff Lyon ­revealed, the school would ­celebrate UN International Day of Families. “I believe celebrating International Day of Families is a more inclusive way of celebrating the richness, diversity and complexity of living and loving as a family in the modern world,” Mr Lyon wrote. “The day highlights the importance of all caregivers in families, be it parents, grandparents or siblings and the importance of parental education for the welfare of children.”

These words are obviously code for “I am pro Same Sex Marriage” and we should not highlight the shortcomings of SSM. Oh yes we should.

The problem with SSM is that two people of the same sex cannot conceive a child organically. For a SS couple to have a child then one of them will have had to go outside their relationship to conceive that child. This of course would break the marriage vows of “to the exclusion of all others.”

If a SS couple has done this and they are raising a child, then they have made a deliberate decision from the outset of that child’s life that the child will either be without a mother or father, and this is the problem that SS relationships create. Yet they don’t want to be confronted with this shortcoming. They don’t want their sins highlighted. They want their sins accepted and atoned for by state sanctioned same-sex marriage.

I don’t believe that children should be deliberately brought in to this world excluding from them their natural mother or father. While people are not perfect and children are often conceived and then one of the parents (usually the father) does a runner or is not committed to the other and goes their separate way, at least they did not deliberately set out to bring a child in to the world without one or other of their natural parents.

Great that Bill Shorten has stepped in and managed to reverse Principal Lyon’s decision. However, if that is what Principal Lyon believes then I think other beliefs of Mr Lyon need to be divulged and perhaps he needs standing down as unfit for being a principal of an Australian school.

We shouldn’t leave it at that though. We need to address the reason for the decision and that is a perverted ideology. Shorten won’t go that far though as he is a progressive and is in favour of SSM. But now Shorten has really exposed the fruit and consequences of his beliefs and ideology. He is without excuse.

Qantas CEO gets pie in face. Not on.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has had a pie shoved in his face at a business meeting in WA.

I am not sure of the person’s motives (an elderly gentleman apparently. Or perhaps not. Perhaps merely an elderly man!) for doing this. I too have disagreed with Alan Joyce’s use of Qantas to make political comments around Same Sex Marriage recently, but I don’t agree with shoving a cream pie in his face.

With all the violent demonstrations around the world lately, most of which seems to be by left-wing Social Justice Warriors (SJW), this action may seem very tame in comparison. Never-the-less, I don’t approve. I think a message of disapproval needs to be done without any physical contact or extreme embarrassment.

At the end of the day, the person will have done himself and his cause no favours. Most would immediately feel for Mr Joyce and take offence at such a personal stunt. Whatever his cause, he would not have won any converts today.

Let alone the fact that it is not appropriate to assault someone like this just because you disagree.