Youths? Anything else you can tell us about these youths?

Youths - Adelaide break in 20170427.png

Youths Arrested After Dramatic Police Chase

Officers arrested four teenagers at about 2am Thursday morning after a dramatic car chase — involving a police helicopter — which ended in Woodville.

Hours earlier, at about 11.55pm, the gang of youths allegedly broke into a home on Seaview Rd, Tennyson, and snatched up items including a handbag and mobile phones before being scared off by homeowner Jane.

A full story and images show shady characters running from police. What is conspicuously absent from this report is the fact that these ‘youths’ appear African. Of course, this is now a racial crime and we don’t want to unfairly label African youths as little criminals, however there is certainly a significant disproportionate number of crimes from this small section of society.

We should know if a particular people are significantly more likely to commit certain crimes, and not for just public safety reasons. It is so the truth can be known to policy makers so some form of corrective action can be taken. Political correctness and potential racism needs to take a back seat to our safety. We must deal with the problem that is at hand and not one that could be. Indeed, if certain Australians were to adopt a negative and racist attitude towards a group of people who are over-represented in certain crimes, that is a lesser evil than the crimes being committed.

Quite frankly, I think there is a real problem with accepting immigrants from problematic areas of the world as they always bring their problems with them. I would not like to see any further acceptance of refugees or immigrants from African hot spots as they are importing their problems to Australia. Our politicians have a right first to Australians to protect us from violence and danger before we import problems while trying to be humane.

If certain peoples need to refuge or protection, then there needs to be a better way of providing it than imposing dangerous social problems on others.



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