Turnbull’s “Divisive” Immigration Policy

David Crowe writes in The Australian, Malcolm Turnbull has produced a paltry political dividend from a divisive migration policy.

It maybe divisive, but wholly necessary and in the right direction. The ones who are divided are the same ones that would have lost the US election and voted for Britain to Remain. These globalists think that importing peoples with incompatible cultures is racist, that all cultures are equal and that Western culture is responsible for all the world’s ills. Well it is not, they are not and we are not.

What is needed is someone to stand up and effectively say so. So well done Turnbull and the Libs for putting forward a strong immigration policy that most informed Australian loving Aussies can agree with.

Waleed Aly called this immigration policy a dog whistle. A dog whistle is a populist call out to an ignorant sub-group. We Aussies who agree with this strong immigration stand are not an ignorant sub-group. We are informed, rational Australians who can plainly see some things wrong with the world and our immigration policy. We understand what the problem is and the politically incorrect solution. We are sick and tired of being labelled ignorant racists by apologists for terrorists and fools who thing that all cultures are equal. We are not deceived by his globalist leftist rhetoric and love Australia as it is and want to keep it Australian.


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