Universities Are Becoming Hotbeds of Totalitarian Violence

UC Berkely demonstrations        Milo Yiannopoulos - fabulous

Universities in Western civilized nations are becoming hotbeds of totalitarian violence. University of California, Berkely is no stranger to violence. Recently, students demonstrated violently against right wing conservative Milo Yiannopoulos and effectively had his speaking engagement terminated. Ann Coulter 03

More recently, left-wing students contacted the university administration to warn of impending violence around the scheduled immigration talk by conservative author, Ann Coulter.

Carly Vendeiro, 22, says she would prefer that Coulter and Milo don’t speak. Well, I’d prefer that liberal Democrats didn’t say all their nasty, ignorant and venomous comments either, however it is (supposedly) a free country with the (supposedly) freedom of speech. Which Carly Vendeiro, 22, obviously doesn’t agree with. Vendeiro is at odds with the US constitution.

Milo had the right to speak. People have the right to demonstrate peacefully. People do not have the right to use force to prevent people from speaking freely. That is undemocratic and unconstitutional and is supposedly protected by constitutional law but is not enforced by law let alone campus police.

As for Coulter, she does not come to deliberately provoke a violent reaction. Her comments are simply different in opinion to the rabid left and would only seem provocative to the violent, rabid left. It is all people’s responsibility to be civilized and not be violent unless your human rights are being forcefully taken from you.

Milo and Coulter have had their human and US constitutional rights forcefully removed from them. It would be their social right to forcefully take them back.

Vendeiro and the rabid, violent campus Left are on the wrong side of the constitution and historical freedoms.

All the demonstrators need to be rounded up and be forced to take re-education lessons about freedom and liberty afforded by the constitution.

And the violent demonstrators need do be jailed and expelled from college.

Simples, isn’t it?



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