Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Allegations

Bill O'Reilly.jpg

So now it is alleged that Bill O’Reilly has been sexually harassing women. While sexual harassment is not on, I wonder at the amount of times famous and wealthy men are accused of this. Exactly what is the sexual harassment that O’Reilly is being accused of? The term conjures up perverted actions and touching in an overtly sexual way. Let’s look at some of the accusations of Bill O’Reilly;

Documents detail complaints about verbal abuse, unwanted advances, offensive comments and phone calls from the anchor that sounded as if O’Reilly was masturbating.

Let’s look at some of these.

Yesterday, an African American receptionist alleged she was harassed by O’Reilly claiming he used to leer at her and call her “hot chocolate”.

Hot chocolate, eh? Terrible. Maybe just an off-colour compliment. Is this really so bad? So you sue for millions of dollars? Whatever happened to going to a senior and complaining and having some reconciliation? Could it have been possible to go to a manager and complain, saying that you found it offensive? O’Reilly could be brought in, informed, and asked not to do it again. Did any of this happen?

Lawyer Lisa Bloom helped the woman report her alleged harassment, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “He would never talk to her, not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar”.

Adding: “He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”

Never talk to her except to call her, “Hot chocolate?” But leered at her? When no-one was around. Could it have been a corny smile? A silly male grunt? How exactly did this grunt go? Wild boars can make quite a noise. Sure it wasn’t a squeal like a domestic pig? Definitely a wild boar? Sounds overly dramatic to me like a mountain could be being made out of a molehill. Not sure.

Bloom is also representing radio host Wendy Walsh, who alleges she was forced off the show after she refused an invite to O’Reilly’s hotel room in 2013.

So the same lawyer is acting for another woman who was forced off the show for not accepting an invite to his hotel room. Good that she declined the invite if she didn’t want what sounds like a date. Does that constitute sexual harassment? I don’t think that it does.

Is it unfair dismissal if it could be found to be that she truly was dismissed simply for refusing his invite. Yes, but probably a bit hard to prove too, I’m sorry. But worthy of a sexual harassment charge? I don’t think so.

Here’s a nice slipper of an irrelevant comparison;

O’Reilly’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz, who has also worked for Donald Trump for years, has since condemned the allegations in a statement.

 Of course, we all know what Trump said, so the inference is that O’Reilly really did say something outrageous worthy of sexual harassment.
And here is a response from O’Reilly’s lawyer;
“It is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened almost a decade ago is being treated as fact, especially where there is obviously an orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr O’Reilly and enrich themselves through publicity driven donations,” it read.

This sound like a very fair call and an unfair allegation by those alleging harassment.

The phone calls that sounded like O’Reilly was masturbating? Well, we just don’t have any evidence and this is what really is wrong; if you don’t have the evidence, it is very wrong to accuse someone of sexual harassment as the accusation will stick even if innocent. (There were no other details of these telephone calls in this particular article and I haven’t researched further – Ed)


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