Coal Is The New Black

Coal in hands

Coal is the new black with new-technology power stations

(Linked article and quotes by Graham Lloyd, Environmental Editor with The Australian.)

The new-generation, high-efficiency coal plants produce half the carbon dioxide emissions of existing ones, making them comparable with gas.

With South Australia losing energy security, or reliability, and with the most expensive electricity in the world, little wonder that South Australia has the highest unemployment rate in mainland Australia and manufacturing is deserting SA in droves – by the car load, shall we say!

What SA needs is the cheapest, most reliable electricity to try and dig us out of this pathetic experimental hole the SA Labor government has dug us in to. Not the world’s most expensive battery – further costly experimentation. That is the last thing we need.

Why not nuclear? We have the most amount of uranium ore (yellowcake) in outback SA, if we developed nuclear power, we could become the power house of energy in Australia, supplying NSW & Victoria with good priced, reliable power.

We could get the nuclear technology from England and the US or even France or Japan. We have stable geography and a backyard full of raw materials. Regarding waste disposal, where better to put it than way underground from where it came? If we chose also to provide a depository for waste nuclear materials, we could have a cradle to the grave nuclear industry that would put SA in boomtown for 100 years. That is worth considering seeing as SA is currently the laughing stock of the nation when it comes to energy security.


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