Vulnerable Children Exposed To Radical and Dangerous Social Experimentation Via Perverted Sexualised Curriculum

This is outrageous that our innocent children are exposed to such radical and perverted teaching on sexual identity. This whole notion that sexual identity is fluid as proposed and championed by Roz Ward is despicable. There needs to be a public discussion about this kind of social experimentation and engineering so parents can understand the twisted nature of what confused people want to expose to our children.
I’m sure that most parents would be appalled and opposed to this kind of teaching and so they should be. It is unnatural and twisted; perverted is the correct term. This woman, Ms Ward should be put on a sex offenders list for getting her perverted ideas brought into our schools and exposing innocent children to such sexually perverted nonsense.
For goodness sake, parents and sensible politicians need to arc up and rid our children and schools of this perverted nonsense. Where has commonsense with the protection of children’s minds gone?


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