The Selective Memory Of The Left For Political Purposes

Triple J Generation Fooled Again

A great article by Chris Mitchell describing the hypocrisy of the left having seemingly forgotten their own positions not so long ago.
Like Julia Gillard being opposed to Same Sex Marriage (SSM) in 2013, a position now considered "hate speech" by the Left of the Right for holding that same position.
Or Bill Shorten being in favour of a national plebiscite on SSM also in 2013, who now calls those in favour of a plebiscite, "plebiscite plebs." So much for name calling and hate speech! But that is the Left for you. As Andrew Bolt says, the Left is the home of the totalitarian. Thinking themselves tolerant, they do not tolerate opposing views. Accusing those with opposing views as "haters" and their views being abusive, the left hatefully abuse the right.


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