‘Rainbow ideology’ fuels switch

This is madness and just what you would expect if you tell young impressionable children that they aren’t who they are. If you suggest to a young child that they can choose to be a member of the opposite sex, then you will confuse some and they will want you try it. This is dangerous social engineering and it must stop before we unnecessarily confuse too many children.
Children deserve to be told the truth and to be socialised as the gender they are. This feminism transgender experimentation is totally inappropriate to be thrust upon our unsuspecting children and parents. Children need to be modeled and mentored in their organic sex. Men and women are different and it’s OK to be different. For some perverted notion of equality to transgress across unnatural boundaries is twisted and unmoored from reality and inmate norms.
For this article to suggest there is even a normal way to treat gender dysphoria and suggest that children should suppress puberty is clutching at progressive ideologies that are not at all normal. It is all social engineering by the progressive left GLBTxyz and it is accelerating at a rapid and dangerous rate.
Even the AFL promoting women’s football is buying into this perverted paradigm by suggesting that women at large are equal to the physical nature of men. This will be a huge battle-zone for traditional values and so far the progressive left have bolted down the straight while conservatives aren’t even in the starting blocks. This will not end well.



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