Vulnerable Children Exposed To Radical and Dangerous Social Experimentation Via Perverted Sexualised Curriculum

This is outrageous that our innocent children are exposed to such radical and perverted teaching on sexual identity. This whole notion that sexual identity is fluid as proposed and championed by Roz Ward is despicable. There needs to be a public discussion about this kind of social experimentation and engineering so parents can understand the twisted nature of what confused people want to expose to our children.
I’m sure that most parents would be appalled and opposed to this kind of teaching and so they should be. It is unnatural and twisted; perverted is the correct term. This woman, Ms Ward should be put on a sex offenders list for getting her perverted ideas brought into our schools and exposing innocent children to such sexually perverted nonsense.
For goodness sake, parents and sensible politicians need to arc up and rid our children and schools of this perverted nonsense. Where has commonsense with the protection of children’s minds gone?


Basic Economics should be taught at school

A great article suggesting that school children ought to be more economically literate. Of course they should. How can Australians, the voting public, understand good policy or what is fair if we don’t understand that businesses create jobs, that increasing taxes decreases the economy and that free trade with our neighbors in South East Asia is beneficial.
Politicians are always talking about fairness yet how can Australians fairly determine what is fair without an understanding of economics?
The problem I see is that the socialistic left has achieved the "long march through the institutions" and that any economic teachings at our schools will not be fair as it invariably will be co-opted by the socialists and used as a point of indoctrination on socialist ideas and not free market ideas of a liberal democracy.

Give us a non-activist leader

As usual, Janet Albrechtsen gets it said for intelligent and reasonable comment on Gillian Triggs activist approach to leading the Australian Humans Rights Commission.

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The Real Estate Conundrum for the RBA

An interesting article here by Alan Kohler. So rent is not increasing by much due to increased supply of rental properties while at the same time there is much growth in real estate prices. Low rental growth feeds into the CPI keeping downward pressure on interest rates in an attempt to lift CPI. Yet booming house prices due to low interest rate environment gives cause for a rate rise! What to do?
Firstly, I might dare suggest, it could be time to fix your home loan rates. (Disclosure; I am a mortgage broker. This is not personal advice.)
Secondly, in speaking with bank business managers and from observation, I’m not convinced that allowing foreigners to buy our property is helping Australian housing affordability. While individual examples may not reflect the broader case, even this article telling illustrates that a couple from Hong Kong bought the apartment in Kew, Vic. We hear regularly of Chinese home buyers snapping up homes at prices Aussies couldn’t afford. With some 200Mn Chinese in their Coastal Economic Zone growing in personal wealth with significant numbers already cashed up and wanting a slice of the Australian Real Estate market, their are still 1.1Bn Chinese yet to become a part of the the Chinese Economic Miracle. We need to understand that there can be no end to Chinese demand for our property. It would be possible and economically feasible for every single Australian property to be owned by the Chinese and still their insatiable appetite not be satisfied.
Without being racist or Sino-phobic, I think it’s time to re-examine our foreign investment rules when it comes to the purchase of residential Real Estate. Business investment and development should be OK but for the sake of housing affordability for Australian nationals, I believe it may be prudent to limit home ownership to Australian nationals.

The Selective Memory Of The Left For Political Purposes

Triple J Generation Fooled Again

A great article by Chris Mitchell describing the hypocrisy of the left having seemingly forgotten their own positions not so long ago.
Like Julia Gillard being opposed to Same Sex Marriage (SSM) in 2013, a position now considered "hate speech" by the Left of the Right for holding that same position.
Or Bill Shorten being in favour of a national plebiscite on SSM also in 2013, who now calls those in favour of a plebiscite, "plebiscite plebs." So much for name calling and hate speech! But that is the Left for you. As Andrew Bolt says, the Left is the home of the totalitarian. Thinking themselves tolerant, they do not tolerate opposing views. Accusing those with opposing views as "haters" and their views being abusive, the left hatefully abuse the right.

‘Rainbow ideology’ fuels switch

This is madness and just what you would expect if you tell young impressionable children that they aren’t who they are. If you suggest to a young child that they can choose to be a member of the opposite sex, then you will confuse some and they will want you try it. This is dangerous social engineering and it must stop before we unnecessarily confuse too many children.
Children deserve to be told the truth and to be socialised as the gender they are. This feminism transgender experimentation is totally inappropriate to be thrust upon our unsuspecting children and parents. Children need to be modeled and mentored in their organic sex. Men and women are different and it’s OK to be different. For some perverted notion of equality to transgress across unnatural boundaries is twisted and unmoored from reality and inmate norms.
For this article to suggest there is even a normal way to treat gender dysphoria and suggest that children should suppress puberty is clutching at progressive ideologies that are not at all normal. It is all social engineering by the progressive left GLBTxyz and it is accelerating at a rapid and dangerous rate.
Even the AFL promoting women’s football is buying into this perverted paradigm by suggesting that women at large are equal to the physical nature of men. This will be a huge battle-zone for traditional values and so far the progressive left have bolted down the straight while conservatives aren’t even in the starting blocks. This will not end well.