Keep work hours casual and flexible

The union movement is such a selfish movement. It really is not even on the workers side whom they claim to represent.
During the Gillard government, the union movement win the so called right, they win their fight to have the minimum employment time increased from 2 to 3 hours. It was well known at the time that this negatively impacted retail shops who wanted to employ after school casuals for that two hour period. Both students and employers wanted a two hour minimum arrangement but unlike argued for and won to have the minimum time retirement lifted to three hours. Now they want to lift it to four hours.
"Why should people be denied their preferred working arrangements?"
The selfishness is the union movement is clearly seen when they argue theft they are for the poorest low paid workers when their policies Christ unemployment. They favour the employees over the unemployed. They also favour union office holders over union members.
All wage negotiations need to be made in the light of productivity, something unions refuse to accept or discuss. Productivity must rise above wages for our economy to maintain competitiveness and buying power of our domestic dollars earned.


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