Controversy over South Africa’s Caster Semenya eligibility to run

What great food for public discussion this is. I’m motivated by a couple of tweets the BBC have put up representing the public’s view on this. Done people are suggesting that as Phelps and Bolt have a blessed physical body to perform greatly, that Caster Semenya also has a blessed body to excel in her discipline of running. This really misses the case.
People don’t question Semenya’s physical size or proportions, for its not those that gives her the advantage. It’s her levels of testosterone. It’s testosterone that gives men the physical strength advantage over women when competing in sports.
It’s is grossly unfair to other female athletes who have normal levels of testosterone and estrogen for a fellow female athlete with an unusually high level of testosterone to compete along side them.
This argument really is fair and reasonable. People who refuse to accept this area the bleeding hearts who don’t want to insult or offend Semenya by suggesting she has an abnormality of any kind.
And then there are the South Africans. I wonder if this was a domestic athletics meeting whether they would be equally supportive of Ms Semenya?


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