Australian culture going down the toilet

One of the squat toilets in the Australian Taxation Office building at 913 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill.

The Australian Tax office at Box Hill have installed squat style toilets to cater to new Australians from Asia and Eastern Europe.

Infinitely easier for new Australians to adapt to sitting on a friggin’ toilet than for Australians to adapt to the squatting position.

I’d like Australian men & women wearing trousers trying this. You’ll dump fair in your trousers around your ankles.

This really is going backwards. Why do most Asians have squat style toilets and not seats? It’s a numbers and cost thing. Seats really are a product of a more affluent society. Must we pander to idiosyncrasies of minority groups rather than bringing them up to speed with Australian culture? It’s culture that matters. It’s culture that provides cohesion to a society. But the elitist leftist don’t really care about our culture and our cultural cohesion. They are blind to the things that make us all Australian. And it is OK to be Australian



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