Turnbull not up to being PM


It’s a sad future for Australia. We have to put up with a terrible Leftist who has no vision. We all knew he was too progressive socially to appeal to wider conservatives, but we did expect him to have liberal economic policies with vision. Malcolm is a 3 times loser for true Liberals; he’s too progressive socially, is not following a liberal economic plan and clearly has no vision for this nation now that his personal vision of becoming PM is accomplished.

The Liberals will wallow terribly over the next 3 years only to lose to an even more terrible Leftist union man in Shorten with Lefty & feminist attack dogs in Albo, Bowen, Plibersek & Wong. They will take us irrepairably to the left when they gain power. We will become a shadow of our former selves under Howard when we had a strong economy, strong national identity and strong social fabric.

To dump Turnbull before his time is up is equal to the disgraced Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government. Our only hope is for Malcolm to fall on his sword and allow an Abbott enough time to regain control. Fat chance of an egocentric doing that.


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