Turnbull & Brandis labelled dunderplunkens!

Phil Coorey from the Austalian Financial Review says Malcolm Turnbull and A-G George Brandis are dunderplunkens because of their rush to establish a Royal Commission into childhood detention in the NT. Brilliant.

And so the chosen commissioner has had to resign due to perceived bias – his daughter worked for the former NT Attorney General. I wondered what bias that might provide until someone simply said that she could be called to give evidence. Yep, that wouldn’t  be a good look.

The NT Royal Commission, sometime in the future:

“Young miss Martin, please step up to the dock”

“Hi Dad.”

“Hi honey. You been a good girl?”

“Yes dad.”

“She is good to go. I see no evidence of wrong-doing here.”

Back to reality, then the said dunderplunkens rushed to appoint aboriginal activist Mick Gooda. Only problem here is not one of perceived bias but actual. Last week Mick Gooda said of the NT government in light of the ABC Four Corners report into the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, that they should be sacked, a biased and premature statement to be sure. And certainly one unbecoming of a commissioner of a Royal Commission.

Andrew Bolt gets it said for the truth;

The only reason Malcolm Turnbull is getting away with this farce is that journalists don’t want to criticise a man with Aboriginal ancestry – especially one whose bias they share:

How hard is it to take stock for a day or two, consult with your advisors, consult with your cabinet and come up with a better solution. Honestly, a consultative high school Student Council president would arrive at better outcomes than this. Dunderplunkens!


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