Trump racist? Actually, no

Great article about the real problem in America today regarding gun related violence and so-called police racism as trumpeted by the Black Lives Matter movement.


The public service super scandal

Further, why are state governments allowed to circumvent current superannuation best practice of fully funded schemes in lieu of defined benefits schemes? The state governments want to do it of course, to alleviate short term funding expenses in their state budgets. This is really foolish; short term gain for long term pain. Unfunded future liabilities was the whole reason the superannuation guarantee levy was introduced and the federal government moved away from defined benefit schemes. Yet state governments continue with their constitution schemes.
This should be looked at as well.

Seeing bigots everywhere

When asked to comment by Fairfax about the latest controversy — the one about a feckless Aboriginal father in a Bill Leak cartoon — Soutphommasane happily goes in for the kill.

“Our society shouldn’t endorse racial stereotyping of Aboriginal Australians or any other racial or ethnic group,” he said.

“A significant number” of people would agree the cartoon was a racial stereotype and he urged anyone who was offended by it to lodge a complaint under the Racial Discrimination Act.

Thus the fears of those who opposed Gough Whitlam’s Racial Discrimination Act legislation in 1975 have been fulfilled.

Far from eliminating social tension, the Racial Discrimination Act’s draconian measures have increased it.

Kerryn Pholi burned her ‘Proof of Aboriginality’

Kerryn Pholi used to identify as Aboriginal, and worked in government positions only open to Aboriginal people.

In my years of working as a professional Aborigine, I know that I participated in gross unfairness and abuses of power in the name of ‘reconciliation’ and ‘cultural sensitivity’. About 18 months ago I burned my ‘proof of Aboriginality’ and got off the Aboriginal gravy train for good. To accept preferential treatment on the basis of race is to participate in racism.


I used to identify as Aboriginal, and I have worked in ‘identified’ government positions only open to Aboriginal people. As a professional Aborigine, I could harangue a room full of people with real qualifications and decades of experience with whatever self-serving, uninformed drivel that happened to pop into my head. For this nonsense I would be rapturously applauded, never questioned, and paid well above my qualifications and experience.

And more…

About 18 months ago I burned my ‘proof of Aboriginality’ documentation (a letter from the NSW Department of Education acknowledging that I was Aboriginal, on the basis that my local Aboriginal Lands Council at that time, circa 1990, had said so). I walked away from the Aboriginal industry for good.

It hasn’t been easy, and I am still working out what to do with myself from here, but it has been rewarding. It feels great to simply identify as a human being, and to work alongside colleagues that only know me as another ordinary wage-slave, and not as a pampered mascot with the power to ruin a career with an accusation of ‘insensitivity’.

It also feels good to do proper work; sitting around a government office essentially being paid to be Aboriginal is both undignified and boring. I miss the money of course, but I don’t miss the racism.

Such refreshingly honest attitude from a person of Aboriginal origin. I am proud of Kerryn and what she has done. The whole aboriginal industry is repulsive to me and to many other Australians. Yes we are sorry for a significant loss of numbers and harsh treatment, however in today’s society, Aboriginals surely must be appreciative that they don’t have to live stone age lives of some 230 years ago.

If Kerryn’s message and attitude got out to the wider disadvantaged Aboriginal communities, this would do more to advance their cause and ‘bridge the gap’ than any government apology or policy.

$100bn hit to deepen debt crisis

Australia’s debt could blow out by more than $100 billion if the budget is wrong in its prediction that the economy will return to pre-crisis growth and the ­Turnbull government is unable to win Senate support for all of its outstanding savings ­measures.
And what are the chances of that!?

“Consistently since 2011, Australia has budgeted that things wouldn’t get worse in China and that there would be enough bipartisanship to pass things in the Senate,”
“In practice, neither of those two things has come to pass and the risk is that it stays that way. China has disappointed and so has bipartisanship.”
Well yes, that has happened, hasn’t it?
Both Turnbull and Shorten have to accept responsibility for this. Shorten is simply an economy wrecker. Better he is wrecking from opposition though where his wrecking power is defensive and not offensive. Heaven help Australia socially and economically if he gets into power.
Turnbull needed to be more frugal with the budget which required more guts than he has. And then there is the overstated growth projection that this government adopted. Just because Swan did this when Labor was in power is no excuse. The Coalition knew it was wrong then and it’s still wrong now.

Students asked: consider sex acts
Absolutely outrageous and disgusting that 15 yo children shall be asked such explicit sexual questions, particularity to visualise suggested acts.
Our governments need to protect our children from such perverted teachings. These social experimentation need to be exposed,defunded and removed from our schools.

MP vote ban dooms Bernardi’s 18C bill
Such a shame the government won’t reconsider. How many examples do we need of injustice? First, Andrew Bolt, now three young Queensland uni students. Clear examples of the injustice of this law.

Keep work hours casual and flexible

The union movement is such a selfish movement. It really is not even on the workers side whom they claim to represent.
During the Gillard government, the union movement win the so called right, they win their fight to have the minimum employment time increased from 2 to 3 hours. It was well known at the time that this negatively impacted retail shops who wanted to employ after school casuals for that two hour period. Both students and employers wanted a two hour minimum arrangement but unlike argued for and won to have the minimum time retirement lifted to three hours. Now they want to lift it to four hours.
"Why should people be denied their preferred working arrangements?"
The selfishness is the union movement is clearly seen when they argue theft they are for the poorest low paid workers when their policies Christ unemployment. They favour the employees over the unemployed. They also favour union office holders over union members.
All wage negotiations need to be made in the light of productivity, something unions refuse to accept or discuss. Productivity must rise above wages for our economy to maintain competitiveness and buying power of our domestic dollars earned.

The gender games

However, American medical physicist Joanna Harper, a transgender athlete who gave evidence to CAS in the Chand case, believes that there is ultimately no fair outcome available here, just a lesser evil.

“Who are you trying to be fair to?” she told Sports Illustratedlast week. “Are you trying to be fair to billions of potential female athletes? Or are you trying to be fair to a very small minority of people who live a truly marginalised existence?

“It’s difficult. In my opinion, the least unfair solution is that if you want to be a female athlete, the key is testosterone. If your testos­terone is below certain levels, we’re going to let you compete. As a female.”

Controversy over South Africa’s Caster Semenya eligibility to run

What great food for public discussion this is. I’m motivated by a couple of tweets the BBC have put up representing the public’s view on this. Done people are suggesting that as Phelps and Bolt have a blessed physical body to perform greatly, that Caster Semenya also has a blessed body to excel in her discipline of running. This really misses the case.
People don’t question Semenya’s physical size or proportions, for its not those that gives her the advantage. It’s her levels of testosterone. It’s testosterone that gives men the physical strength advantage over women when competing in sports.
It’s is grossly unfair to other female athletes who have normal levels of testosterone and estrogen for a fellow female athlete with an unusually high level of testosterone to compete along side them.
This argument really is fair and reasonable. People who refuse to accept this area the bleeding hearts who don’t want to insult or offend Semenya by suggesting she has an abnormality of any kind.
And then there are the South Africans. I wonder if this was a domestic athletics meeting whether they would be equally supportive of Ms Semenya?