Malcolm Turnbull surrenders to terrorism without so much as an argument

After the Nice truck attack, I turned to my wife and said with resignation, “I guess they will have to erect concrete barriers around all big celebrations and gatherings now.” It hurt to say this because for a while now, Islamic extremists have been hinting that something big could happen at any moment in any Western nation that has a significant population of Muslims.

I say that because Islamic terrorists have demonstrated that anything is possible and no-one is safe. They just need to think as big and as dastardly as they can and then carry it out – planes into buildings, trucks into crowds of people. They have proven that even Hollywood does not have an imagination big enough – or balls big enough – to portray something so grand and as evil as September 11, Paris or Nice.

And yet every Hollywood movie and TV program where cops have to catch an unknown killer, they must do what they know to do and have always done , and that is to profile. It is the only way to catch an unknown criminal. Yet this is exactly what the progressive Left demand that the police must not do.

And now with the PC Left screaming for love and tolerance towards moderate Islam, Hollywood wouldn’t dare paint Islam as so barbaric and evil. They have to conduct screenwriting contortions to obfuscate Islam from being implicated in the dastardly deed for fear of a social & mainstream media and political backlash for stereo-typing.

Now the hints that have been given are the small attacks: Numan Haider, Endeavour Hills, Vic, 23 September 2014;  Man Haron Monis, Martin Place, Sydney NSW, 15–16 December 2014; and 15 year old Farhad Jabar, Parramatta, NSW, 2 October 2015. These stand as hints that Islamic terrorism is already here on our shores and it is not unreasonable that a large attack could happen here.

We know there is a new norm but we want someone strong who will take up the fight to the enemy and take back what they have taken from us; our security and peace of mind to live without threat or fear of terrorist attack.

Now Malcolm Turnbull has piped up and without any hard words for any criminal or terrorist, he wimps up and says that added security at public celebrations is the new norm. That may well be but I’d rather hear our national leader name the enemy, identify their actions and primary profile and say “The game is up.” British PM Theresa May did not surrender and talk about protection being the new norm although I’ll bet the English will make sure all street celebrations and large gatherings will be hemmed in with significant concrete barriers. May declared that the new normal was, “We are coming after you.” The new normal was, “We are not putting up with this outrageous behaviour. The gig is up. You shall not win.”

Not Malcolm. He wimped up. Here’s what Malcolm had to say when asked about Sonia Kruger’s comments regarding Islamic immigration;

Australia “has a non-­discriminatory immigration pro­gram and a non-discriminatory humanitarian program, and has done for many, many years, and that is not going to change.”

And here’s what Tony Abbott had to say on immigration;

“Our immigration program should be very closely aligned to Australia’s ­national interest,” he said. “We run a program that is ­vigorously in Australia’s best interests and the personal challenge for Muslims is to make the most of the opportunity to join Team Australia.”

And Tony again when asked about Sonia Kruger’s supporters were right to feel afraid;

“We need to face the future with confidence but it’s easier to be confident when you know the challenge you face, and dealing with radical Islam is one of the great existential challenges of our time. In my view it’s very hard to reconcile what’s in the Koran with a modern, secular, pluralist democracy.”

Who would you rather speak for you and lead the charge for the Australian way of life and against those who would challenge our way of life and bring terrorism to our shores?


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