Hardline Islamic preachers asked not to preach at Sydney mosques for a while!

The headline in the Sydney Morning Herald was Hardline Islamic preachers forced out of Sydney mosques. This is not quite correct as reported by Rachel Olding.

Preachers of radical Islamic teachings have been prohibited from speaking at the Western Sydney Sefton Mosque. One such preacher is Ismail Al-Wahwah who was asked not to preach at Friday prayers at the mosque, at least for a time.

Fairfax media understands that ASIO visited the mosque several times recently and asked for radical preachers no to preach radical messages. The caretaker of the mosque has asked Wahwah not to preach for a while because he does not want him to get in trouble. Not that he is being kicked out for preaching hate, but has asked not to preach for a time so he doesn’t get in trouble with ASIO. There is a would of difference here. This is not some kind of reformation or an expunging of an unwanted hardline element but a deliberate protecting of a hardline preacher so he can remain and preach his radical message another time. Indeed, he is still preaching his Friday prayers but at other locations.

Concern was for the mosque and it’s ability to continue in its present function. As for radical political preacher Wahwah, he seems to be supported by some residents with links to terror group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun said, “we don’t want them”. He said they preach hate and the Australian government should ban them altogether. He said this hate preaching is un-Australian and said if they want Sharia Law then they should move to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Sentiments many Australians would agree with, I’m sure.

One community spokesperson said Mr Wahwah’s is being increasingly rejected and his circle of followers is dwindling. This is encouraging. What is needed here is the Islamic community to identify, with ASIO co-operation, the hate preaching that is unAustralian and seek to have these preachers ostracized and deported.



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