Theresa May tells Islamist extremists: ‘The game is up’

Theresa May invites moderate Muslims to join her in ending the ‘hatred, bigotry and ignorance’ of Islamic extremism in Britain

Theresa May will today tell radical Islamists that the “game is up” and that they were no longer tolerated in Britain as she sets out Tory plans for a crackdown on extremism.

Police escort an Islamist demonstrator marching to protest outside the US embassy in London

About time someone stood up to the extremists. Hooray for Britain’s new PM. I’m impressed.

Radicals will also be barred from working unsupervised with children amid fears that young people are being brainwashed, while staff at job centres will be required to identify vulnerable claimants who may become targets for radicalization.

This will be interesting. How will they identify vulnerable children who may become targets for radicalization? Is that simply children of hate preachers? What training will staff receive to identify such vulnerable children. I’d love to know the training behind that.

The new counter-extremism policy is aimed at tackling radical preachers and individuals who try to brainwash young Muslims and encourage them to embrace extremist views. She will say that a “small but significant” number of people in Britain are trying to undermine the nation’s values and create a “clash of civilisations”.

Excellent. To do this, the nation’s values will need to be declared and promoted. The values of the extremists will need to be identified and the superiority of British (and Western) values will be judged superior in civility.

She will cite the Trojan Horse plot to take over state schools in Birmingham, corruption in Tower Hamlets in East London and the use of Sharia law being used to discriminate against women.

Sharia Law will need to be identified, categorized and labelled uncivilized. It will need to be outlawed and policed. This will be no mean feat as there are many Muslims in their enclaves who practice this covertly and will be loath to cease these practices.

She will also condemn hate preachers, the practice of gender segregation at some universities and the thousands of “honour” crimes committed every year.

This is a must to bring back the sensibilities of Western cultural values. Hate preaching by extreme radical clerics is the single most effective tool to radicalize young vulnerable Muslims. It is therefore the most important practice to identify, condemn and outlaw. It can be done though. Only last week, a mosque in Western Sydney kicked out a radical preacher. This will require the cooperation of the moderates to identify, single out and then ostracize these preachers of hat.

Mrs May will say: “Extremism is not something that can just be ignored. It cannot be wished away. It must be tackled head on. Because where extremism takes root the consequences are clear. Women’s rights are eroded. There is discrimination on the basis of race and sexuality.

“There is no longer equal access to the labour market, to the law, or to wider society. Communities become segregated and cut off from one another. Intolerance, hatred and bigotry become normalised. Trust is replaced by fear, reciprocity by envy, and solidarity by division.

“Where they seek to divide us, our values are what unite us. Where they seek to dictate, lecture and limit opportunity, our values offer young people hope and the chance to succeed. The extremists have no vision for Britain that can sustain the dreams and ambitions of its people. Theirs is a negative, depressing and in fact absurd view of the world – and it is one we know that in the end we can expose and defeat.”

She will appeal to “every single person in Britain” to join her in a new “partnership” to celebrate British values and defeat ignorance.

This will be good. How many of the Labour left and the Green left will want to “join her new partnership?” This will become extremely popular amongst every day Britons, young and old, poor and middle class. Lets see Jeremy Corbyn combat this argument and implement.

She will say: “But to those people who do not want to join this new partnership, to those who choose consciously to reject our values and the basic principles of our society, the message is equally clear. The game is up.

That will be to the radical Left as well as the radical extremists. This will be a king hit to the sensibilities of the loony Left as well as the intended radical extremist targets.

“We will no longer tolerate your behaviour. We will expose your hateful beliefs for what they are. Where you seek to spread hate, we will disrupt you. Where you break the law, we will prosecute you. Where you seek to divide us, we will stand united. And together, we will defeat you.”

Unbelievable. You would have thought that Pauline Hanson had just been made Prime Minister of England. She is saying everything that we would want our political leaders to say and yet none have had the guts to say.

British values will form “an integral part of applying for a visa” which even visitors will have to comply with.

The Home Secretary will also introduce “banning orders” for extremist groups, which would make it a criminal offence to be a member of or raise funds for a group that spreads or promotes hatred. The maximum sentence could be up to 10 years in prison.

Thank God for Theresa May. Finally someone of significant standing and credibility in world affairs has said what needs to be said. Now to implement this great new plan to defeat Islamic extremism.


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