French woman and her three daughters stabbed by Moroccan-born man in Alpine resort

19 July, 2016 at the Alpine resort of Garde-Colombe, near Laragne, in southern France.

French mother and three daughter stabbed in Alpine resort

Absolutely outrageous that a mother and her three daughters are stabbed for wearing t-shirt and shorts. Apparently deemed to be too skimpy, Mohamed Boufarkouch decided to stab these innocent family members for their sins. Mohamed Boufarkouch, while a Muslim, is not believed to be a practicing zealot. Never-the-less, it fits the narrative of why someone of Muslim background should do such a dastardly thing.

It is all the more bizarre knowing that the attacker knew the mother as she had brought him some medication when ill ealier in the week. Simply unbelievable that someone couldn’t overlook a difference in culture even to someone who had shown some kindness to them. It reflects the inability of the Islamic faith to be patient, tolerant and forgiving towards other.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and offer a reason as to why a Muslim man might do such a thing. I’m going to suggest that he was somewhat sexually aroused by the sight of the mother and daughters wearing shorts and t-shirts. To atone for his own lustful sins, and being empowered and encouraged by Islamic texts and teachings, he expressed his anger and frustration in a culturally endorsed manner. I cannot think of a more plausible reason as to why a radically religious person might harm a mother and daughters.

As for the local mayor, he is suggesting the attacker could be psychologically sick. I think that is unacceptable as it provides an excuse for all and any Islamic extremist to claim a defense to which they are not entitled. It is their ideology, even if their ideology could psychologically impair them.

The big issue for Western intelligence and law enforcement though is, how do you identify and eliminate such behavior? It starts with the ideology. Radical preaching must be stopped and radical behavior must be discouraged and ostracized from within the moderate Islamic community.




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