Should We Ban Muslim Immigration – A Parable

There was an old wino who was drunk and needing to relieve himself. Without any public convenience close by, he sits down on the curb, flops out his old fella and urinates in the gutter. (unsavoury, I know. But wait…) Being rather inebriated, he falls asleep before he finishes and tidies himself up. As would happen, a bunch of ants came along and crawled all over him and his old fella. One such ant bites him right where it hurts. At that, the old wino wakes up, looks down and sees ants crawling all over him and his privates.
“Well that’s stuffed it,” He says. “Now you’ll all have to get off.”
If extreme Muslims ride in on the back of the moderates, and we cannot differentiate between the two, then they may all get banned.
It’s about personal safety folks. Personal safety trumps freedom of religion. Sorry.


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